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art in modern times is the first studio album by Unai Karam. A
conceptual work that is composed of 10 tracks and is shaped as
an evolutionary journey that pays homage to the classical arts in the
western society of the 21st century.

Fusion and evolution define the spirit of art in modern times.

Thus, we can find Baroque or Classicism structures
being mixed with textures of Impressionism or with sonorities
handcrafted and designed for this work that shows
a global vision in which the most deeply-rooted tradition
coexists with contemporary musical influences. In addition,
art in modern times is shaped as a journey of great timbral diversity
thanks to the use of different types of piano, synthesizers and a variety of
keyboard instruments.

All of these ingredients offer a futuristic musical vision in which
the music itself takes place in an industrialized and
monotonous society full of patterns that define our
our tastes and are represented in a framework of harmonic, rhythmic and melodic sequences,
created from the vision of the instrument as a